For Canada’s #1 Pharmacy, Loyalty is Key



Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada’s largest retail pharmacy chain with over 1,200 locations nationwide. The Shoppers Drug Mart apps- which include iPhone, Android- gives users the ability to browse the flyer, view and load coupons to their digital card and view account information, such as their Optimum Points balance.

Shopper Drug Mart App

• Strategic Discovery & Roadmapping
• Prototyping & Usability Lab Testing
• UX Design
• Software Architecture & Planning
• Development & QA

When we began working with Shoppers Drug Mart, it became very clear (very quickly) that they did not have the proper, mobile-optimized infrastructure in place to support a robust app. By adding the combination of the personalized offers and push notifications the success of the new app was seen immediately, with over 90% of app consumers having opened push notifications from Shoppers Drug Mart, and 77% of consumers interacting with the app more than 9 times per month.

Since launching the app, it has maintained a 4.5 star app rating with over 15,000 reviews and had surpassed 110%+ of its mobile download goal in just 6 months. Signalling the value and convenience that the app is delivering consumers, as well as illustrating that the omnichannel campaign was well received by consumers.

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