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Student Price Card (SPC) is one of North America’s largest student loyalty programs. For a base fee, members get instant access to a plethora of deals and discounts at over 100+ retailers for an entire calendar year.

Student Price Card App

• Strategic Discovery & Roadmapping
• Prototyping & Usability Lab Testing
• UX Design
• Software Architecture & Planning
• Development & QA

When Canada’s largest student loyalty program, SPC, tasked us with version five of their mobile application, we knew we had our work cut out for ourselves. After four lacklustre attempts, SPC was ready for a fresh new look and feel of the application that not only spoke to their youthful audience, but had features that would keep these mobile-savvy users engaged.

By introducing a digital card, more robust user profiles, and increased interactivity, we were able to transition the app from one fraught with performance, usability, technical issues, to one which is exciting stakeholders and consumers alike.

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